Ruchir Gupta is a Computer Programmer, Software Developer, Software Analyst, Software Architect, Software Engineer, Web Developer, Website Designer, Graphics Designer, Tech Blogger, Author, Researcher, Industry Analyst, Entrepreneur and an Orator from Ahmedabad, India.

Ruchir Gupta
Ruchir Gupta as of March 2018
Born 6th October, 1989
Title Director and CEO, ShakunSoft IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Education B. E. Computer
Related Industry Information Technology
Residence Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Nationality Indian

Ruchir is the Founder, Owner and Director of the IT company ShakunSoft IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. He holds the degree of Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science from Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University, Patan.

Ruchir has been keen to Mathematics, Science and technology since childhood. He started programming at the age of 17 and sold his program for the first time while he was still studying in his Engineering College. In August 2012, he started his business with initial capital of Rs. 11,000 (approximately $165) and in 2013, got his company registered as a Private Limited Company which is named after his mother’s name Mrs. Shakun Gupta. Since November 2016, he serves as the Director and CEO of the company. Before starting his full-time business, Ruchir had nearly 6 years of industrial experience in total out of which, 3 years as the Project Leader. ShakunSoft mainly deals with Software Outsourcing and Website Designing Services. Today ShakunSoft has expanded its client base globally and designs 45+ websites every month.

Ruchir is very ambitious towards achieving his goals. During his career he worked for Enterprise Software Projects for leading pharmaceutical companies like Cadila, Intas, Apar, Troikaa, Zydus and Accord. In 2013 Vasani Polymers Pvt. Ltd. honoured Ruchir for his dedicated services. He is throughout a ★★★★★ (5 stars) rated seller on the popular freelancing site Fiverr.

Ruchir has significantly contributed with his innovations in IT field. For example, File Lock Software using which user could lock a file with One Time Password or Timed Password or both of them was one of his best innovation. His other innovations include the 4-tier Software Architecture, Binarology: an E-Magazine and many. He has written 500+ articles on different topics of Information Technology so far and published them on different platforms. He is one of the top writers on Quora under "Software and Applications" and "Social Media" categories as of January 2017. He has also authored a book titled “50 FACTS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT BEFORE MAKING CAREER IN I.T.”

Ruchir is a very passionate and workaholic geek. He masters 15+ different programming languages and technologies. He handles Desktop Application Development, Web Development, Front-End Development, Database, Web Design, Graphics Design and Corporate Identity Design/Brand Development projects. See full list of his expertise here.

Ruchir is an inspirational entrepreneur in the IT industry. In 2012, he was invited as an expert by the same college where he graduated from to conduct a seminar on latest web development technologies which was attended by more than 200 participants including some of them being Ph.D. Scholars as well as his ex-teachers.

Early Days

Ruchir was born on 6th October, 1989 in Ahmedabad. Till 2001, he lived in Ahmedabad and studied in R J Mehta Vallabhnagar Primary School till 7th standard of his primary education. After that, his family shifted to a small village named ‘Sonasan‘ in Sabarkantha District (approx. 70 kms from Ahmedabad) where his father was serving as a lecturer in a government BRS (Bachelor of Rural Studies) college. He studied standard 8th to 10th in Shri Sonasan Kelavani Mandal High School, Sonasan.

The school at Sonasan didn’t offer the Science Stream. Therefore, for his further studies Ruchir’s family shifted to Himatnagar in 2004 . Himatnagar is the district headquarter of Sabarkantha and 15 kms away from Sonasan. He studied his 11th and 12th with Science Stream and Maths Subject in Shri Himmat High School, Himatnagar.


In childhood, Ruchir dreamt of making his career as a Civil Engineer and building the world’s tallest skyscraper when he got inspired after learning about the excellent engineering implemented in the construction of Taipei 101. Later on, he got attracted towards computers and chose to make his career in Information Technology as according to him, he thought the IT field will give him a better platform to grow, utilize and showcase the talents he has.

Ruchir loves solving crosswords, puzzles and brain teaser games since childhood. Science and Maths have been his favorite subjects and he has been the top ranker in these subjects throughout his schools. According to an interview held by the research student Mr. Jaimin Patel from Charles Stuart University, Australia, he didn’t choose Maths in 11th and 12th Science Stream just because he had scored well in Maths (92%) in SSC. Though he had a good hold on Biology (the 2nd option other than the Maths in the syllabus), he chose Maths because he wanted to make his career with Computer Engineering (CE) only.

Moreover, he could get admission in Electronics and Communication (EC) Branch, which was considered to be better than Computer Engineering and the first choice for students; but he stuck to CE only.

First Program and the First Sale

As a programmer, Ruchir wrote his first “Hello World” C program at the age of 17 on 13th of January 2006 on his then-latest PC which had 80 GB of Hard Disk, 256 MB of RAM, Pentium P4 processor and Windows XP.

In 2009, when Ruchir was in the 4th semester, he made money through what he learnt from his Engineering College for the first time when he sold a Billing Software to a local fashion shop developed in VB.NET and MS-Access as the database. Ruchir is probably the first and (so far the only) student of the college who used his Engineering Skills commercially. By the end of the engineering, he succeeded in selling 14 copies of the customized version of this software to different local shops and showrooms.



Ruchir passed his SSC in 2004 from Gujarat Secondary Education Board with 81.43% and HSC in 2006 from Gujarat Higher Secondary Education Board with 70.15%. He graduated as a Bachelor in Computer Engineering in 2011 with First Class from Sankalchand Patel College of Engineering, Visnagar.

Work Experience

Ruchir had topped the placement drive among more than 220 students of CE/IT branches of his batch when the multinational company Sarjen Systems Pvt. Ltd. came to the college campus in January 2011. Even before his graduation was completed in June 2011, his job was started. In Sarjen, he got the opportunity to work for Enterprise Software Projects for leading pharmaceutical companies like Cadila, Intas, Apar, Troikaa, Zydus and Accord. Here he was appointed as a Jr. Software Developer till February 2012.

In March 2012, he switched his job to Alpine Health LLC as a Web developer. Later on, he was promoted as the Project Leader in the company and handled the team of 18 Software Developers in the IT Department of the company.

In October 2016, he left the job with a total experience of 5 years and 10 months in the industry.

Founding ShakunSoft

Since his college days, Ruchir wanted to start and succeed with his own Software Company. The reason why he did job for nearly 6 years is that he wanted to gain some experience in the industry before diving into the business.

While he was doing job in Alpine Health LLC, he realized it would be good time to start the business as he had significant experience of handling the projects. He got his company registered as a “Private Limited Company” in July 2013. Rather than quitting the well-paying job immediately and start the business from zero, he preferred continuing the job simultaneously with the business until his company starts making profit.

In late 2016, when he realized his client base and business has grown enough, he left his job in the month of October and since November 2016, he is full-time working for his company and handling the business.

Since August 2012, even before he got his company registered as a Private Limited company, he had started his business with initial capital of Rs. 11,000 (approximately $165) only that he had saved from his early jobs. Rs. 7,000 of them were spent behind advertising of the business and remaining was saved to pay his bills and rent later. As he claims, Ruchir hasn’t been in need of borrowing money from any of his friends or family members. He founded and grew his company alone himself.

To make career as an Entrepreneur ultimately, Ruchir had left many opportunities of settling abroad offered by different other IT companies while he was doing the job.

Ruchir’s mother Mrs. Shakun Gupta (the 2nd Director of the company and whom his company is named after) has always encouraged him and morally supported to him for making his career of his choice.



  1. Software Engineering
    1. Programming (Coding),
    2. Designing Software Architecture,
    3. Database Modelling
  2. Designing:
    1. Website Design,
    2. UI/UX Design,
    3. Graphics Design
  3. Research: Research on current IT trends, tech companies, tips and tricks, internet, computers, smartphones, apps, social media etc.
  4. Copywriting: Blogging, Writing Articles
  5. Information Security:
    1. Hacking (Beginner Level),
    2. Creating Virus
  6. Administrative:
    1. Team Leading,
    2. Project Management,
    3. Client Communication,
    4. Human Resource Management

Projects he handles

  1. Desktop Application Development
  2. Web Development
  3. Front-End Development
  4. Database Design and Management
  5. Web Designing
  6. Graphics Designing
  7. Corporate Identity Design/Brand Development

Tools and Technologies

Ruchir masters in VB[.‌]NET, C#, Core Java, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS, Bootstrap, MS-SQL Server, WordPress, Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw, Inkscape, C and C++.

Areas of Interest

  1. Web Development Technologies
  2. JavaScript
  3. File Structure and Architecture
  4. Information Security
  5. Database Management
  6. Data Structure and Algorithms

Innovations and Contributions

1. File Locker

During his college days in 2009, Ruchir created a first-of-its-kind File Lock Software with VB.NET (Desktop Application) using which user could lock a file with One Time Password or Timed Password or both of them. A patent for this software has been applied and currently the patent is pending (as it takes 7-8 years to get it).

The main features in this software were One Time Password and the Timed Password. One Time Password was based on a time-based equations the user created to lock the file and depending on the equation, the password got automatically changed every second, minute, hour or day. Timed Password allowed the user to lock the file with a password that was bound by specific period of time and even the correct password would not work except for that specific period of time.

The whole software was built with VB.NET, no database and didn’t utilize the internet except for checking the correct time from clocks at the servers. The locked file didn’t require any additional software to unlock the files and became a stand-alone locked file, double-clicking which would prompt for the password.

2. Binarology: E-Magazine

In 2011, Ruchir had started a technology e-magazine named Binarology. It continued for 1.5 years but later stopped for some reasons. The key feature of the magazine was that it used the HTML5 and CSS3 in such a way that the reader could virtually turn its pages on computer and smartphone screens. Though there are several plugins available now which allows one to implement this functionality, there wasn’t any popular plugins widely available on internet back in 2011.

3. Quora Answers Scrapper

Ruchir has created many scripts those automate tasks. For example, Quora does not allow the user to download his own contents. Ruchir wrote a Chrome Extension that bypasses this limit.

4. 4-tier Software Architecture

During his job at Alpine Health LLC, Ruchir introduced the 4-tier Software Architecture (instead of the popular 3-tier architecture) in which the Presentation Layer is divided into two parts – one at client side and the other at server side. This is how the developers could make 100% Ajaxified Web Applications to make user experience faster, better and to reduce the load server receives significantly. Later on, he implemented the same with ASP .NET MVC and AngularJS.

5. Tech Articles

Ruchir has written 500+ articles on different topics of Information Technology so far and published them on different platforms. He is one of the top writers on Quora under "Software and Applications" and "Social Media" categories as of January 2017. He has also written articles in Gujarati in his Gujarati Technology Blog.

6. First Book

Ruchir has also written a book titled “50 FACTS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT BEFORE MAKING CAREER IN I.T.” that he published on June 2017. The book is available on amazon for purchase in India.

7. Seminars

Ruchir has been invited as an expert by the same college where he graduated from to conduct a seminar on latest web development technologies. This seminar was attended by more than 200 participants including some of them being Ph.D. Scholars as well as his ex-teachers.


  1. Ruchir has been honored for his dedicated services by his many clients, some of whom are industry giants such as Vasani Polymers, Sabarkantha District Panchayat etc.
  2. On the popular Q&A site Quora, Ruchir is the top writer in "Software and Applications" and "Social Media" categories of with more than half a million readers (as of January 2017).
  3. Ruchir is a ★★★★★ seller with 100% positive rating and 100% on-time delivery rate on Fiverr.


Ruchir is known as a very passionate, ambitious and workaholic person. In his own words,

Creating designs and innovating things is what I enjoy the most. I like colors and designs. I love automating everything that can be automated in computers. Most of my time is spent behind serving my clients through my skills. While I’m not doing anything, probably I’m thinking of ideas to expand sales, scope, range of products and services and areas of my business. I’m still a learner of the Computer Science & Information Technology and I like gathering knowledge from other persons of my field. I like writing articles on IT and doing research in my areas of interest.

As a Non-Technical person

Ruchir is very optimistic, confident and motivational personality. He is an avid chess player. He often plays chess online with other chess enthusiasts. He is a foodie. In his own words,

I am the hefty eater who eats too much and everything vegetarian except green vegetables. The McBurgers are my so favorite that if I have to choose between the elixir or McBurgers, I’d go for McBurgers. I like travelling, photography and enjoyments. Chocolate is my favorite flavor and violet is my favorite color.

Ruchir often claims that he likes offbeat movies more than the mainstream cinemas. Delhi 6, Masaan, Black, Swades, B. A. Pass, Mumbai Meri Jaan, Lakshmi are some of his favorite hindi movies. He likes metaphor in the movies. Gravity is his most favorite movie from hollywood. Other favorites from hollywood include Wall-E, The Last Samurai, Avatar and Lucy.

Ruchir likes reading literature. O. Henry, Oscar Wilde, Ruskin Bonde, Pearl Buck and George Orwell are his favorite writers. So far, he has written 5 short stories too.